Does Valif Treat Premature Ejaculation?

Valif is a generic medicine that is specifically prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is a sexual disorder in which a man is unable to get and maintain an erection. Valif contains Vardenafil, a clinically proven ED drug. However, the question is does it help treat premature ejaculation (PE), another common sexual condition? The answer is maybe!

Ajanta Pharma, a pharmaceutical company, produces and develops Valif by using Vardenafil as an active ingredient. The chief cause behind ED is poor blood flow to the male sexual organ and Valif looks exactly after this pathological reason. Vardenafil is a selective PDE5-inhibitor, which means the drug inhibits PDE5 enzyme in order to boost nitric oxide that improves overall blood circulation. This way the drug supplies adequate blood to the organ for an erection during sexual activity.

A few clinical studies have found that Vardenafil may help delay semen ejaculation. However, it is not yet proven for the treatment of premature ejaculation. There is no denying that Vardenafil helps men experience stronger and long-lasting erection so that they can make love with utmost satisfaction. There is no clear evidence that the drug helps cure premature ejaculation.

Valif 20 is ought to be used as directed by your medical professional. For proper assimilation of the drug, you need to take the dose 30 minutes before sexual activity and not more than once in 24 hours. Overdose with this medicine could lead to unpleasant symptoms such as prolonged erection, chest pain, breathlessness, chest pain or skin rashes.

This generic ED medicine is not for impotent men who are already under treatment with nitrates or alpha-blockers. That’s because these drugs, if taken along with Vardenafil, may increase the risk of adverse effect, low blood pressure. Also, it is not indicated to men who are allergic to Vardenafil or those who suffer from chronic debilitating medical conditions.

Valif is undeniably the best remedy for erectile dysfunction, but it is doubtful that it treats premature ejaculation. It is always safe to use this medicine after talking to your doctor.