Is There a Connection Between ED & Cycling?

Are you a regular cyclist who experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED), it shall not be a coincidence. This condition is because some experts with caution that too many hours on a narrow saddle seat can put pressure on the perineum, where the nerves and arteries to the penile pass. However, any injury to the arteries and nerves in this region can also lead to erectile dysfunction making man impotent.


Men that ride for more than three hours a week are at highest risk of being affected by impotence issue. But doing something which is as simple as changing out your seat can actually help. Look for a seat with no “nose” which shall allow you to redistribute your weight to your butt. As to the several researched article, a German study found that while traditional saddles reduce oxygen in blood flow by nearly 80%, oxygen only dropped by about 20% when riders switched to the no-nose seat.

Sitting upright rather than leaning forward can actually help to alleviate some of pressure on the perineum. One of the solutions is to get a seat with a central cutout. Also make sure that you have got correct handlebar height and frame size and periodically stand on pedals on longer rides that shall help to re-establish blood flow in the penile region.

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