Know why Women Fake Orgasms!

Men never fake it, but it’s not those they any mind blowing sex each time they drop their shorts and get into bed. Number of studies has proved that ejaculation is easy for a man. An orgasm for a woman, on the other hand, is not that easy to occur!

The action probably starts when a woman is not really feeling the passion in bed, or is not really turned on while session of making love.

She looks up at her man that is probably sweating buckets, panting and heaving with all his virile strength while penetrating for making her orgasm. When woman knows that she is not going to live or enjoy the session of making love anyway, hence this is easier for her to just fake orgasm instead of waiting for the presence of elusive passion that shall overwhelm her and sweep her into some thigh quivering orgasm!

Know why Women Fake Orgasms 1

Faking orgasm and convincing guy that the lady is just experienced a tremor in her loins would at least make her man feels proud of himself. After all, he is been pounding sheets like the man is running tiresome marathon, and at least she can do to make him feel better is let him believe about him that he is accomplished something at the end of it all!

Faking an orgasm is not good, not for the man, and definitely not for the woman! But when you guys are wondering, here is a list of reasons as to why woman could be faking her orgasm instead of waiting for real one.

She knows that you are trying too hard

She is really feeling bad about it, but for some reason, she is just not able to attain orgasm. And she does not want to hurt feelings or land a blow on his man’s confidence, so she lies for just seeing him smile proudly.


She is bored with her sex life, and the things her man does just do not excite her anymore. It is monotonous and boring, and rather than confront it, she shall just resign her mind to the fact that sex is not as exciting as it once was in her life with her man!

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Guy is Impotent

In case the guy is impotent, he won’t be able to stand stiffer erection for the longer time, which shall force her to fake orgasm for not letting the guy down. On the other hand if guy tries taking Siltrate 100 pill composed of Sildenafil Citrate by Fortune Health Care, he can deal with impotence issue of ED in minutes. Siltrate 100 shall help sexual aroused men to attain and maintain stiffer penile erection for longer time which can help women to not fake orgasm.